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, eunice kennedy shriver dead this morning at the age of 88. sympathies going out to her family this morning. >> without a doubt. we'll have more on that through outthe morning. >>> let's check in with knowny. we mentioned the meteor shower and the question is with all the haze that wave had the last couple of days, are we going to be able to see anything. i think we'll have a fair a cloud cover tonight. tucker said he saw a meteor coming in this morning but for tonight, for the peak viewing time, we'll have a fair number of clouds. so i think it will depend on where you are this evening. so we'll see. i don't have great hopes about seeing that activity. we'll see. let's take a look at what is happening. we'll go back to yesterday and the temperatures, 97 degrees was the high at reagan national. that was one degree shy of tying the record. we did break a record at dulles international. it got to 97 degrees there. the record was 96. that was set in 2001 so we ve a new record at dulles. bwi marshall nowhere neared record. 75degrees right now here in washington. we dropped off one
cod, massachusetts, in hyannis, as eunice kennedy shriver is laid to rest. ♪ >> family and friends said their final good-byes today at a private funeral mass in st. francis xavier church, the same church where eunice worshiped as a child and where her brothers served as altar boys. >> my mother, which i often did, i can't go on without you, i don't know how to live without you. and she would say, you're fine, i've raised you well, now, get out there. i don't want to hear one more word, get going. your brothers will be nice to you. >> and of course, 23 years ago, maria shriver wed arnold schwarzenegger in this same church. as a devout catholic, eunice kennedy shriver was honored with a full mass, eulogized by her five children, honored by her 19 grandchildren. she is being celebrated at as a passionate humanitarian, forever changing how the u.s. and the world, in fact, treats people with special needs. the special olympic torch led the procession today into the church, where athletes delivered a welcome that moved mourners to tears. noticeably missing today, eunice's brother, senato
>>> breaking news. eunice kennedy shriver, the younger sister of president john f. kennedy and the foupder of the special olympics has died. we'll look back at her extraordinary life. >>> fight is on as president obama takes his battle for healthcare reform to new hampshire today. >> we're against this plan! >> we'll talk with white house press secretary robert gibbs about the president's big town hall meeting. >>> a question prompts a very undiplomatic response from secretary of state hillary clinton. >> wait. you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. >> we'll tell you why it was a moment lost in translation. >>> and not amused. a roller coaster comes to a screeching halt leaving thrill seekers dangling high in the air for more than four hours. "early" this tuesday morning, august 11th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> the sun is shining over new york city. good morning, everyone. i'm julie chen in los angeles. harry smith is in new york. maggie rodriguez is off this morning. good morning harry. >>
whose lives were touched by the late eunice kennedy shriver. >>> plus, escalating tempers and rising voices as people in the commonwealth give their congressman a ear full. >>> and we have the latest on the dog mauling. news4 midday starts now. joe krebs is on assignment this morning. and i am barbara harrison. and we are tkial about the passing of eunice shriver. she died in cape cod, massachusetts, this morning. she was many things to many people. but as the president and first lady saidshi t morning, above all she will be remembered as the founder of the special olympics. and that's where we begin this morning with kimberly suitors. at the headquarters with more on this story. >> eunice kennedy shriver, the sister made a name for herself in true public service. at a special olympics ceremony, the athletes paused for their founder and for inspiration. >> she is as much of a hero of every one of these athletes as one of mine. >> photographic trites to the woman that believed there is no limit to the human spirit. >> she would always say what more can you be doing? that's a phrase i
of the death of eunice kennedy shriver and the mother of maria shriver. >>> and also more on health care reform. >> i want you to know what is in the -- what is common to all of the proposals. >>s is similar to -- it's similar to what is happening across the country as lawmakers pitch health care reform and today the president may face a similar scene. >>> plus a sneak peek into a world most of us will not never experience. there is a great book out that gives aa look behind the scenes in the secret service and ronald kessler will tell us what you will learn and it will shock you. >>> and breaking news out of cape cod hospital in massachusetts. eunice kennedy shriver has died. she was 88 and suffered a series of strokes. >> she watched her brothers make their mark in the political arena but she's left her own legacy as a champion of children with disabilities. gurvir joins us with the latest. >> reporter: many expected this and that's why many left their homes to be up with her in massachusetts. eunice kennedy shriver dead at the age of 88. she was from brookline, massachusetts. she was the 5th
, kimberly. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. you know well that eunice kennedy shriver was not only the founder of special olympics, she was the inspiration behind this place and still is. she is listed, as we know, in critical condition in a hospital in cape cod. she's not here in washington at the moment. all her family members have been called to her side. her children, her grandchildren, we are told, are all there. her daughter, maria shriver, as well as her husband, arnold schwarzenegger, all there in cape cod as well. the 88-year-old sister of president john f. kennedy has been weakened over the years by a series of strokes. washingtonians, though, are now recalling the or engines of special olympics which actually began as a summer camp and how eunice kennedy shriver inspired them then and now. now, recently the special olympics games, there was a moment of silence that the athletes held for her. afterward, the athletes cheered themselves on. and the president and ceo of the special olympics, bob johnson, says eunice kennedy shriver is a hero to all those children just as she
are expected to attend a public wake today for eunice kennedy shriver. it will be held at a massachusetts shutch not far from church not far from the kennedy come pound. she died tuesday after a series of strokes. a funeral mass will be held tomorrow. a charles county judge could face sanctions after a dispute over a parking pace. >> robert nalley admits he deflated the tire on a car that repeatedly parked in a restricted area. he said he left notes on the vehicle. the driver denies this and said she didn't realize the spots were reserved. >> the information will be reviewed. we'll see where it leads and appropriate action will be taken. >> the judge could face jail time if convicted. it is 6:15 and time for traffic and weather every 10 mince. hi, jim. >> hi there,. we're looking at middle brook road. the biggest problem, wires down in the roadway and traffic is getting by at that point being turned around in each direction basically between 355 and the interchange with 270. here actually out on the beltway looking at things and traffic is in pretty good shape around the city. 270 has bee
eunice kennedy shriver. the 88-year-old died tuesday after a series of strokes. an invitation only funeral mas will be held tomorrow. >> time now for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we go now to jim. >> thanks. looking at the george washington parkway. pretty good shape here. you might find fog in the low spots. traffic is running without incident on the interstate to virginia. now we'll go over to take a look at things on the maryland side. we'll show you that the traffic is in pretty good shape here at long the beltway. no accidents to report here or for that matter we'll take a look at bellway and university c boulevard. loafc fi gsc ood here, as well. >> temperatures in theo area, this morning stilln ethiledil er aowers 70's. l coe d be patchy fog. i will tell you today it will feel a little bit better. each and every day we've been seeing temratures go back just a couple of degrees but each day those few degrees add up. we'll really is a little more sunshine as well. let's get over to the maps and show you what's happening on the bigger picture here with the satellite r
>>> eunice kennedy shriver died at the age of 88 today. and police investigate the death of a man that died bifrom an attack by his own pit bulls. >>> thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, it is august 11th, 2009. glad to have you with us. angie will have the traffic in just a moment. kim martucci is back. welcome kim weather person. >> mrs, i got that done. great to be back but boy i got married in the weather in the 70s most of the time. and now we're back. i am happy to tell you we will y. be t breaking cordres datodo we did ity.es yat ayat s grdeee cumberland 73 and it is already 84 e thnosatellite and dar loop shows clouds are building toward cumberland where it is cooler in the low 70s. you folks will see widely scattered showers out here first. the storms have to come over the mountains and sometimes they tend to dry out as they hit the shenandoah valley. i still think you have a shot of getting wet later this afternoon and certainly along the 95 corridor for the drive home. i'm targeting the storms here. probably by 3:00. so between now and then try to get those aroun
of their lives and led a life of love and service to others. eunice kennedy shriver died earlier this morning. family members had been by her side since she was admitted to a hospital last week. cbs news chief washington correslook back at her legacy. >> she was born into one of america's most prominent families, the 5th of nine kennedy children. graduating from stanford university in 1943, she later became a social worker at a west virginia prisonnen. she married sergeant shriver in 1953. and together, they had five children, including maria shriver, now the wife of california governor, arnold hwarzenegger. it was growing up with a close family member who was mentally retarded that led to eunice kennedy shriver's life's work. the establishment of special olympics. her goal she said was to demonstrate that people with mental retardation are capable of remarkable achievements in sports, education, employment, and beyond. it began in 1962 as a summer camp at her home in maryland. and led to the first special olympic summer games held at chicago's soldier field in 1968. 1,000 athletes from 26 s
reports." we are here in cape cod, massachusetts, as thousands remember eunice kennedy shriver, jfk's sister and a hero to millions who will never know her. a public wake will be starting soon at this small parish church, the same church where caroline kennedy was married and the foam mourned the 1998 death of bobby and ethel kennedy's son, michael, after a skiing accident in colorado. the kennedy and shriver families arrived here at our lady of victory church just about a half an hour ago for a private service, a service accepting the body before the public will be allowed in. and just like her more famous brothers, eunice has now earned a rightful spot in american history books. she brought hope and she brought promise to millions after founding the special olympics. the compassion that she had for her mentally disabled sister, rosemary, greatly influenced her advocacy for others with special needs. now only two members of that original kennedy dynasty remain, but the next generation is already carrying on their legacy. and the kennedy family, well known here in cape cod, the fami
that eunice kennedy shriver has died. president kennedy's sister has been in critical condition since at least a week when family members gathered by her bedside. she suffered a number of strokes in recent years. she is known as the founding force behind the special olympics. again reports out in the last few minutes that eunice kennedy shriver has died at age 88. >>> next when 9 news now continues, if you think it is too hot, imagine going through the day wearing shoulder pads and a helmet but first it is time for the signs of now question. we are asking how much blood does the human body contain? it is six quarts, one gallon or c two gallons? we will have the answer when we come back. f >>> welcome back to 9 news now. it is 6:23. the signs of now question asks, how much blood does the human body contain? the answer is a, six quarts. >>> heat and football can be a deadly combination. ever since the vikings korey stringer died from heat stroke during training camp in 2001. nfl teams do everything in their power to keep their players safe except cancelling practice. because the nfl is like the
'll have more about the life of eunice kennedy shriver. we'll talk live with someone from the special olympics international organization which she helped found. >>> looking ahead to 8:00, holly is live at union station where she could witness a world record this morning. we'll give you a include t involves denim jeans and other clothing and it is for a good cause. >>> good wednesday morning. it is 5:00. there with two. it is august 12th. as tucker mentioned, it is warm outside and the humidity will be really out there. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. it seems to me, tony, we are feeling that humidity in here as well. >> warm inside of our studios. i think they keep the heat on overnight. >> must be a man-woman thing pause it feels pretty good to me. >> we'll see how you feel later. >> yeah, humid here and outside as well. run showers off to the west. i won't rowle utah rain shower -- i won't rule out rain shower inisg. y us r thus this rn elative humidity reis # #% and is # #% and the temperature is 77. --th -reatreand and wee temperature is 77. couple of of showers h
as jf k's sister. the world remembers eunice kennedy shriver. >>> hi, everyone. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm sally thorner. here's what people are talking about. >> she changed the way the world looked at developmental disability. >>> although she lived in the shadow of her more famous relatives, eunice kennedy- shriver had a legacy of her own. she founded the special olympics in 1968, using sports as a way to empower the intellectually handicapped. that event is still going strong, with many taking part in its sports programs and competition. >> by your presence, you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. a message of hope. a message of victory. >> reporter: she also spent plenty of time on the campaign trail, with her husband, sergeant shriver, who ran for vice president in 1972, and her kennedy brothers. shriver watched proudly as daughter maria's husband took california politics by storm. >> my mother-in-law is the true terminator. and she gives us all orders and says, you do this, and you do that. and she is all over the place. and she is very enthusiasti
this one can. and her life touched so many others all over the world. remembering eunice kennedy shriver. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it is president obama's signature domestic issue, reforming health care. but now as he fights to get it done he is struggling to be heard over the voices of the opposition. once again today, angry critics of reform stole the national spotlight as they confronted members of congress at a null of town meetings. the president decided it was time to fight fire with a fiery response at a town meeting of his own in new hampshire. our chief white house correspondent chip reed begins tonight's coverage. >> reporter: outside the president's who entered town hall today, the kind of royaling anger over health care reform that's put mr. obama on the defenseive and his critics increasingly in control of the debate. >> for all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary, truly risky, is if we do nothing. >> reporter: they may be scare tactics, but many americans are scared. >> i'm
shriver. eunice kennedy shriver spent a day at a another church where the pastor was preaching. he said that she leaves behind a legacy of service that needs to be passed on. >> we want to make her a part of our recollection and a part of our reflection tonight. people like to don't come around very often in life. it's unusual in life that somebody comes by like to that has this kind of impact. >> and the church is calling for donations to be made to the special olympics in eunice kennedy shriver's honor. >>> it was all hug and kisses in fresno, california. the men and women hareturned home off a year-long tour in iraq, more than 800 troops returnd to california this week. welcome back home. look at this. unbelievable. >> it's a tear jerker every time. >> always, always. look at that. >>> a would-be robber picked the wrong bar to try to stick up. the bar in jamesville, wisconsin was hosting happy hour. the bar was actually hosting happy hour for off-duty cops that just dropped in after a round of golf. they grabbed him and forced him to the floor and the officers acted so insincetively
in the game. can he turn things around? >>> a final farewell to eunice kennedy shriver. and moving words from her daughter maria. >>> unlocking a secret of sleep. daughter maria. >>> unlocking a secret of sleep. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm ann curry in for brian williams tonight. the president was squarely taking on the anger we have sign recent weeks. flying to a townhall in a conservative part of montana. the audience we were told was not prescreened. the meeting was more like a campaign rally than debate over health care. the president even getting a standing ovation. we have the story covered tonight beginning with the chief white house correspondent chuck todd now joining us from belgrade, montana, chuck. >>> good evening, ann. the president finished up the first of what are going to be back to back townhall meetings out west. colorado happens tomorrow. awful this part of an opportunity to try to regain the political momentum in his push for health care reform. president obama came to the hills of montana with his entire
news, joyful remembrances at the wake for eunice kennedy shriver. >>> later in sports, tiger woods takes the early lead at the pga. >>> first, though, katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> it was the concert that defined a generation, spreading a message of peace and love. now 40 years later, a rocking fight rages over where it really took place. finding woodstock in "assignment america" tonight only on the "cbs evening news." every day about 30 women in the u.s. learn that they have cervical cancer. that's why i chose to get my daughter vaccinated. i chose to get my daughter vaccinated when her doctor and i agreed that the right time to protect her is now. because it's about prevention. (nice) gardasil is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against four types of hpv. two types that cause seventy percent of cervical cancer and two more types that cause other hpv diseases. i chose to get my daughter vaccinated because the cdc recommends that girls her age get vaccinated. gardasil does not treat cervical cancer or other hpv diseases. side effe
. president barack obama calling eunice kennedy shriver an extraordinary woman and a champion for the rights of the mentally disabled. here's drew levenson reporting for wjz with more reaction to this maryland resident's passing. >> reporter: eunice kennedy shriver died overnight at cape cod hospital, surrounded by family. the 88-year-old suffered a series of strokes in recent years. her sole surviving brother, senator edward kennedy, who has been battling a brain tumor, said in a statement "though the special olympics will be her enduring monument, in our family, she'll be remembered as a loyal and loving sister, a treasured wife to sarge, and a wonderful mother and grandmother." shriver is also survived by her husband, five children, and 19 grandchildren. daughter maria shriver's husband, california governor arnold schwarzenegger, called his mother-in-law the light of the family. president obama said that shriver will be remembered as a champion for people with intellectual disabilities. who taught our nation and our world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the hu
at the lasting legacy of eunice kennedy shriver. >>> and a slugger battles grieving on his home. how he scored a homer in living longer. >>> and 5:05. 72 degrees. we'll be right back. >> and here's the mta report with mark jones. >> good morning. for the commute start you'll find the number 36 working with a diversion at the alameda and kirk, due to watermain break repair. the number 21 bus diverted at pennsylvania and dauphin for ongoing watermain break repair work. and the 17 still convert diverted in the area of nursery and winterson. construction on the scene. marc on time. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm, flaky, pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two bonus box tops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. so i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste in a bite size roll that my kids can't resist. plus i get two bonus box tops for their school. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. >>> at least we're goin
are pouring in for eunice kennedy shriver. she died early this morning. person says her body was week at the end. her heart was strong. it was abundantly fall. she was known for being more than just part of the kennedy clan. she founded the special olympics. >> at the headquarters in northwest washington, one lone flower sets of the base of eunice kennedy shriver's total. one of her olympians, now a board member, says she changed his life and countless others. >> she did not build houses. she changed people's attitude. >> there is sadness here but also a celebration of accomplishment. >> well done. >> she founded the special olympics back in 1968. she told winning by your efforts is better than any gain. >> don't keep them away from something that can change their lives and give them a new vision. >> she was the fifth of nine children. her sister was mentally disabled. she was a living prayer. one nephew said it was eunice kennedy shriver who should have been president. she and not her brothers was the most impressive figure in the family. >> because she had such a drive. she was so c
, and the matriarch of the kennedy family. eunice kennedy shriver passed away at the hospital surrounded by her family. tracie potts looks back at her life. >> a couple of a member of the kennedy family, eunice kennedy shriver war the mantle of public-service largely out to the public eye. unlike her siblings, john, bobby, and ted. her life's work was inspired by another sibling, rose mary, who was born mentally retarded. she founded the special olympics in 1968, inviting people with mental disabilities to showcase their abilities. >> each time you run and jump, you will save others everywhere , "come to our world, where we are free, free to choose our sport." >> her husband, at sargent shriver, co-founded the peace corps and ran for vice president with george mcgovern in 1972. pearse son-in-law, arnold schwarzenegger, is governor of california. she produced a television special on religious faith, binding the kennedys through generations. she focused on the story of mary and jesus. >> that kind of a lesson, "if i had a faith, i can change the world of." >> another time to turn to prayer and each othe
on and eunice kennedy shriver. >> some good news for credit card holders. >> if you are getting ready to go out there on area roads, it is looking good so far. will u >> so far so good. >> we do a great job. >> we are happy to report it is looking good out there. no delays yet. no incidents to report. 54 miles per hour is your average speed on the northeast corner. overall, running smoothly on the roadways. here is a live view outside checking the white marsh area. this is a spot we like to check. we normally see early morning delays. it is moving well. fort mchenry tunnel is checking out fine. no problems to report. here is a live look at traffic on the northeast corner near hartford world. -- rep hartford road. -- near hartford road. >> we are looking pretty good. no delays to report right now. the light rail is on time along with the metro subway. a few construction diversions. the 36 bus diverting. 21 bus with a diversion on a pennsylvania and the dolphin. organizations are sitting with the commuter program. now back to sandra shaw. >> take a look at ht doppler. we saw some showers and stor
for the late eunice kennedy shriver. thousands expected to attend on cape cod. a number of special olympic athletes will honor the woman that founded the program. massachusetts senator kennedy and the mother of maria died tuesday and she was 88 years old. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at noon, taking a look outside, stick around, your complete first-warning forecast coming up. here's today's stocks follow by last night's multimatch numbers. this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. >>> we're taking a look at a heavy cloud deck out l we've had a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, that's a lot of energy for rain showers. what we're going to deal with, a flash flood watch in effect for the eastern shore, but down cecil, down to queen anns, all this because of rains forming along the coastline. dealing with this throughout the afternoon. anything that forms has the potential for some stron
as eunice kennedy shriver is lay to rest in a private funeral service today. >>> unusual attack on the man who harassed women while dressed in a women's bathing suit. >> let's look outside this noon. tim williams will be back with the first-warning forecast. >>> complete coverage continues with don scott, mary bubala and first-warning weather with marty bass and meteorologist tim williams, it's wjz, maryland's news station. it's what doct most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever. family and friends gather to say good-bye to eunice kennedy shriver in massachusetts. >> >> thank you for watching mermaids, having tea parties and always teaching me that girls can do anything that boys can do. >> they took turns to say good- bye. she was the founder of the special olympics. she died at the age of 88. vice p
news, lacrosse, wisconsin. >> couric: coming up next, remembering eunice kennedy shriver. ast asleep. excedrin. what ache? in this box is what i need to control my diabetes, to stay healthy - and get on with my life. it comes from liberty medical. and now, it's not only where i get my diabetes testing supplies - but it's where i get my prescription drugs as well. see if you're on medicare, the cost of your diabetes testing supplies as well as your prescription drugs may be covered. liberty takes care of all the paperwork with medicare and sends the prescription forms directly to your doctor for approval. then, on your schedule, packs up this box and sends it right to your door with no charge for shipping. and liberty assures you have everything you need to manage your diabetes, including most brand name meters. call now and we'll send you a free meter. plus, a free cookbook when you join. call liberty. they can help you live a better life. call the number on your screen. >> couric: we end tonight with eunice kennedy shriver who died today on cape cod. a member of this country's most
. still ahead tonight, we look at the legacy of eunice kennedy shriver. >>> and it wasn't age or asthma that was slowing down this former baseball player. how a grand slam of surgery is helping him breathe easier. >>> hazy, hot and humid, and a couple of thunderstorms around tonight. we saw them yesterday, tonight. will we see them tomorrow? we'll talk about it, coming up. [ closing bell ] >> now to your money and stocks took a hit as bank shares got slammed, and traders worried about a fed announcement tomorrow. the dow lost nearly 97 points. the s&p lost number 13 points. locally, a bit of a mixed day. legg mason among the worst hit and fell more than 3 1/2%. first mariner posted a gain of more than 6 1/2%. and under armour ended by falling just sigh of 1%. >>> more cuts coming as maryland struggles with a huge hole in the budget. annapolis got the news today. furloughs and job cuts are on the table. outside the state capitol today, a small number of state employees gathered to voice their frustration. >> no layoffs, no furloughs, no cuts in benefits. no cuts, period. because right no
on holding another one tomorrow in hagerstown. >>> eunice kennedy shriver passed way early this morning in massachusetts at the age of 88. she was the founder of the special olympics and sister of president john f. kennedy. julie carey has more on this story. julie? >> known worldwide eunice kennedy shriver was also a local hero to the thousands of special olympic athletes here. the program got its start in her maryland home and well into her 70s shriver was a daily prens at the special olympic head quartsers in northwest washington. >> if i cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. >> reporter: that was the message from eunice kennedy shriver that empowered millions of mentally disabled children and adults. a message that transformed what started as a backyard summer camp in maryland into the special olympics. now one of the world east largest athletic programs. eunice kennedy shriver tried to keep a lower profile than her famous political brothers, john, bobby and ted. still by founding the special olympics she became known worldwide as a champion for the mentally disabled. fond mem
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intoxicated at the time. >> family and friends say good-bye to eunice kennedy shriver. >> and sandra shaw is up next with your insta-weather plus forecast after a short break. >> hope you're doing well today. up and adam. we're very humid now. patchy fog now. dew pointed will drop a bit. seasonable conditions in the 80's. we do have a disturbed area of weather down to our south off the coast of class -- carolinas and virginia beach. a little cloud cover because of that. here in central maryland, things are looking good. it looks like 73 downtown now. 68 at the airport. only 62 in york, pennsylvania. nice there. 70 in ocean city. here's your state-wide tour. what you can specked expect across the state. very nice out there. no chance of precipitation. here in baltimore, we're going to a high of 87. that's good, because that's a normal high for this time of year. a mix of clouds and sun, but we'll see more sun as high pressure starts to build in. by the way, sun is up officially at 6:20, and that's when patchy fog should start to burn off. 84, a few more clouds, and it looks like the surf t
. i'm drooling. >>> maryland is remembering eunice kennedy shriver today. mrs. shriver was 88 when she died this morning after a series of strokes. ron matz reports, the founder of the special olympics attended many of the games here and leaves behind many good friends. >>> it's a simple message. thank you, mrs. shriver, for making this world a better place for all of us. it's from the maryland special olympics. senior v.p. tom white. >> you have a sense you were among greatness. but she never put on any airs. it was always about the specialties of the athletes and what we could do to make their lives better. >> i'm pretty emotional about it myself. >> reporter: alice says eunice shriver meant a lot to her family. her 58-year-old brother is a special olympian. >> it feels like losing a family member myself. because without, as i said before, special olympics, my brother's life, and my family life would be completely different. >> reporter: the roots of the special olympics are right here in maryland. it all started in 1963. >> movement started right here, in the shrivers' backyard in r
the world after the passing of eunice kennedy shriver. at the age of 88, is the special olympics founder, sister of robert f. kennedy and president john f. kennedy, is being remembered for a lifetime of community service carried out from her home base, the washington metro area. julie carey is here with more on that. >> eunice kennedy shriver has suffered a series of strokes in recent years and relocated to massachusetts. she died at cape cod hospital surrounded by her relatives. but her sloss felt and mourned by millions more. prayers for eunice kennedy shriver at the potomac, maryland, parish where she and husband sergeant worshipped for decades. a woman dedicated to her catholic faith, shriver tried to keep a lower profile her famous political brothers, john, bobby, and ted. still shriver became known worldwide as aio champn of the mentally hasp inspired in part by the struggles of her mentally disabled sister rosemary, shriver's special olympics were born out of a backyard summer camp in the early 60s. the program has grown to reach 2 million athletes and 150 countries. >> each time
-2131... ... residentes de la region y todo el pais sienten la perdida de eunice kennedy shriver, hermana del presidente john. f. kennedy.. eunice de 88- anos, fue una lider en abogar por las personas con desabilidades fisicas y mentales, al punto que fundo las olimpiadas especiales... shriver, quien habia sufrido varios derrames cerebrales en años recientes, se encontraba hospitalizada en un centro medico en cape cod, a su lado estaba su s clases y para muchos padres de familia victimas de la crisis < economica.. la ocasion es una pesadilla ante la dificultad de comprar todo lo que quieren nuestros hijos.. es por eso que nuestra companera claudia uceda nos dice que hacer... < a unas semanas para que empieze el nuevo ano escolar, padres buscar las mejores ofertas... " si habian ofertas ahora ya casi ya no se encuentran. .." un reporte de la federacion nacional de tiendas senala que 4 de cada 5 estadounidenses tendran problemas para comprar utiles escolares debido a la crisis economica que enfrenta el pais.
legacy of eunice kennedy shriver, who died today. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. intel. supporting math and science education for tomorrow's innovators. the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: president obama tried to build new support for his health care plan today, and he charged opponents are trying to scare people. the president got a friendly reception at a town ha
: eunice kennedy shriver was the fifth of five kennedy children, including political giants john, bobby and ted kennedy. but shriver is best known as the founder of special olympics. >> thank you, all the citizens of canada for honoring the special olympians. >> reporter: at special olympics d.c. headquarters, visitors signed a condolence book. >> i've done bowling, track, skiing, sailing. >> reporter: special olympic athletes like gary barnes say eunice kennedy shriver's legacy goes far beyond just creating a sporting event. >> she opened doors for us. if it wasn't for her, a lot of us might be in institutions or we might not even be able to have jobs. >> reporter: special olympics president brady lumberg remembers once telling shriver he wished he could have seen the organization's earlydays. >> she looked at me stern in the face and said, brady, special olympics is owned by the future, not the past. >> reporter: but the genesis of special olympics was always root sinede k kdymily history. eunice' oldest sister, rosemary was born with brain damage and her life led to a lifetime commit
eunice kennedy shriver loses hers. next on "larry king live." >>> welcome to "larry king live," i'm wolf blitzer sitting in for larry tonight. a full discussion beginning with president obama's number one priority right now, health care reform. is it going to happen? joining us james carville, the cnn contributor and democratic strategist. also joining us, ben stein, the economist and attorney, once was a speech writer for presidents nixon and ford. as you know, he's also a tv personality and actor. and joining us from las vegas, the illusionist, the best-selling author, the taller more talkative half of penn and teller. they're performing in las vegas, their program "b.s." is now in the seventh showtime series. he's a libertarian as a lot of our viewers know. thanks very much for coming in. the president was in new hampshire at a town hall forum today making his case for health care reform and among other things, he said this. >> under the reform we're proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. you
. david lee miller, fox news. steve: eunice kennedy shriver dead at the age of 88 in massachusetts. brian: people say that at a different time, she would have been the first candidate for president. a feisty town halls all over the country. next, a congressman who says democrats are trying to shut them down because of cracks in their health care overall healthcare plan. dari: clinical trials of the swine flu vaccine, to america. how would you feel after you get it? two people who just got the vaccine yesterday are joining us next. steve: he cannot stay out of the spotlight. disgraced illinois governor blagojevich channeling elvis. >> ♪ kiss me once. (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies
to thank. >> eunice kennedy shriver died tuesday at the age of 88. >>> compared to earlier health care meetings held throughout our state this one this salisbury definitely tame. senator ben cardin held an invitation event for the group. the atmosphere is not nearly as heated as previous meetings but seniors still had a lot of concerns about the bill. all right. we've got to cut down on the static here this morning. about two dozen demonstrators were holding signs protesting. senator cardin says he will continue to go around the state holding meetings to push health care reform. >>> all right. remember this? this is in hagerstown before the town hall meeting yesterday. a man is in trouble today. he was caught holding a sign that said "death to both." the washington county sheriff's office said the sign also read "death to michelle and her two stupid kids." the 51-year-old man was take noon custody. >>> tonight, a vigil will be held outside the home of an activist shot in her home. she was watching tv in her home when she was hit by a stray bullet. the safe streets program will be hol
was doing with a gun near the president's meeting this afternoon. >>> also, eunice kennedy shriver, the sister of john f. kennedy and senator ted kennedy, died earlier today. doris kearns goodwin and mike barnic will be here to talk about the kennedys and the shrivers. >>> plus, we told you last night about what hillary clinton said when she was asked a question about what her husband thought about something. tonight we have that video, and it's interesting. that's in "the politics fix" tonight. >>> speaking of bill clinton, the hero of pyongyang, he's in vegas. that's in the "hardball sideshow" tonight. >>> we start with the town hall meetings, including the one the president had today in portsmouth, new hampshire. william kostric is a protester who came to a town hall meeting today with a gun. why did you come to the town hall meeting today? >> chris, first, i'd -- >> no, why did you come to the meeting? >> i came to the meeting to be heard. >> what did you want to say? >> i wanted people to remember the rights that we have and how quickly we're losing them in this country. >> an
pond in h n hyannisport, mass to remember eunice kennedy shriver. >>> frank dipascali, former cfo for bernard madoff has pleaded guilty and is being held as a flightrying. >>> allegedly commissioning five murders in an effort to boost his ratings. wallace souza not only the host he's a state lawmaker but authorities say his show's cameras suspiciously been at drug trafficker's murder scenes before police knew about them. he's also accused of his own drug trafficking activities. he says the charges are absurd and they are being drummed up by his political enemies. >>> the families of three american hikers held in iran released a statement that i saig they're hoping for a quick resolution that will reunite them with their channel. shane bauer and josh fattal graduates of california university at berkeley, hiking on the iraqi side of the border when he accidentally crossed in iran, they've been moved to tehran, not clear what iran might demand for their return. >>> one of the two american journalists held for nearly five months in north korea is expressing hess gratitude. in a new we
. coming up on abc 7 news at n 6:. eunice kennedy shriver surrounded by family at a massachusetts hospital. we'll have the very latest on her condition. >> and it is still weeks away until the official start of the football season but the fans of the burgundy and gold are out in full force. i'm brianne carter at redskins park. the story coming up. >> the cash for clunkers program is a hit with car buyers but repair shop owners say they're payi p >> car buyers and dealers are cashing in on the cash-for-clunkers program but car repair shops say it's costing them business. some shop owners and mechanics say people who would normally be getting their cars fixed are buying new ones instead. >> they're taking,ay, a $2,000 car that's only worth $2,000, it might need $1,000 in repairs but now they're getting $4,500 from the government so why wouldn't you get rid of that car? >> yesterday president obama signed legislation extending the program into labor day. eunice kennedy shriver is said to be in critical but stable condition at a massachusetts hospital. family members have gathered at her bedsi
to eunice kennedy shriver today. thousands are expected to attend today's public wake at a church in cape cod. the founder of the special olympics passed away on tuesday at the age of 88. allison joins us now from centerville, massachusetts with more on the story. allison. >> reporter: so many people have been here visiting today. among the visitors, of course, clergy and members of eunice kennedy shriver's family. and many people from the special olympics, athletes who explain w kennedy shriver changed their lives. >> there is so much idealism in my family and eunice's life is such an example of the best of our country. >> friends and family today remember eunice kennedy shriver, the sister of president john f. kennedy. but she is perhaps more well known and respected for her compassion and drive and founding the special olympics. >> she was constant activity and she was one of the greatest organizationers of humanity that has ever lived. >> reporter: kennedy shriver died tuesday at cape cod hospital. she was 88 years old and suffered a serious of strokes in recent years. today at t
passes away. remembering eunice kennedy-shriver. >> the whole thing is so ridiculous. inexcusable. >> and passengers stuck on a plane for six hours. the confusion that led to the ordeal, when we come back. . >> it looks like the heat with her son off to college, liz turned to target for great deals. like a twenty dollar comforter for his bed. a fridge for healthy snacks a reading lamp to study by and a cell phone to call home. so liz chose target showing off her college smarts about savings target. expect more. pay less. >> good evening folks. looking at a steamy day out there again. and temperatures it were a few degrees cooler compared to where we were in the mid to upper 90s. seeing temperatures in the lower 90s today. taking a look from the hd skycam. few flashes of lightning across the bay and north of us in harrisburg. but baltimore city proper not a lot of activity downtown. we got to see showers and thunderstorms east, west, north, south of us but it looks like a lot of the activity kind of fizzled out by the time it got to the center city. so looking at 78. in for rain mo
. >> election in afghanistan. and eunice kennedy shriver, founder of the special olympics, it dead at 88. >> president and the use to say that if she had been a man, she would have been president instead of jack. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> it has been a wild week on the health care front. the president has been trying to squelch reports that the democrats' health care reform includes a planned to kill old people. this week in iowa, senator chuck grassley helped to keep the talks going. >> i don't have problems with things like living wills, but they ought to be done within the family. we should not have a government program that determines you are going to pull the plug on grandma. >> let's see if we can play this to rest is the obama administration plan to pull the plug on grandma, jeanne? >> no, they are not planning to do that. this is one of those provisions that because it is poorly written or people see a benefit from it has been totally misinterpreted. clearly, what it is is a reimbursement for services, and seniors that want to write a li
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